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In the Stories Among Ships quest, players take their first voyage to search for a wreck, which will take them to approximately 250m northwest of Charity Douglas. Once players reach the land of the target location, their quest objective is updated, and they then need to interact with the three books in the area. Although the locations of these books will be marked directly on the map of New World, players will still encounter various difficulties during the search process.

After interacting with the books, the player will then be told to go to the wreck to collect records and remnants, at which point they will head southwest from their current location. At this point the player just needs to keep going in this direction, eventually reaching another island in the New World, during which the Stories Among Ships will be updated as the player approaches the island. The player's goal at this point is to find a storage chest, which is shaped like a chest placed on the deck of a wrecked ship.

At this point the player will once again be instructed to take a boat to find records and relics, and this is the last time. To complete this quest, the player needs to head southeast, and the location below the "J" in "Jawbone Cove" on the map is the player's final destination, where you will collect two flags from Boehm's bounty . After the quest is completed, all the quests in Stories Among Ships are over, at this time, you only need to return to Charity Douglas to collect the reward.

In New World, players will encounter various quests, and players may encounter various powerful enemies in the process of completing quests. If you do not have enough strength to defeat them, then your quest cannot continue. Going down, it also slows down your game progress. No matter what level you are in, constantly improving your own strength is what every player needs to do. The best way to improve your strength is to first upgrade your own level, and secondly to buy various suitable gears and items for your character. It should be noted that this process needs to consume a large amount of New World Coins. So if you don't have enough New World Coins, you can't do the same thing.

Luckily, New World Coins are not only available in-game, you can also get them outside of the game. There are a lot of sellers on the web now selling New World Coins, if you buy them there it will save you a lot of time. Of course, if you want to save money, you can check out Their prices are cheaper compared to other sellers, and you can get even bigger discounts when you buy New World Gold in bulk. If you want to complete in-game achievements faster, I believe is your best bet.
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