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The presentation of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 at WWDC last June also included new features such as Passkeys, a new way of understanding security keys following the FIDO alliance protocols. The objective of these access keys is to eliminate passwords as we know them today, to avoid remembering endless complex passwords that we always forget. For this, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 have Passkeys, the support of this new type of keys designed by FIDO/WC3 that are managed directly from the operating system. However, the 1Password password manager has already announced that it will become compatible throughout 2023 with Passkeys access keys to manage them from a single place.

Greater security and access control with Passkeys in 1Password
The access keys have to be understood as something that we do not see and that are used as passwords. Let's analyze its structure. An access key is made up of a pair of keys that increases the security of access to a certain account. One of these keys is public and is the one that the system applies in the registration of a certain account. The other key is private and is saved directly and only on your device. Thanks to keys and cryptographic methods, the public key needs the private key to access a certain account. And the private key is only available on one device.

However, to access this private key, user authentication is necessary in the same way that we identify ourselves to make a contactless payment. An unlock code, Touch ID or Face ID will be enough to access the private key. Although there are many benefits of Passkeys, as always the native option of iOS could be better to manage all these access keys. That is why 1Password, the well-known password manager, will be updated throughout 2023 to manage Passkeys directly from your application:

You can find out all the reasons and benefits of the arrival of Passkeys at 1Password on a website that they have made specifically for that. In addition, they have shown a small preview of what the 1Password interface will be like with the launch of this great change throughout the year 2023. Finally, we can also test it in beta mode by registering on the same website. has professional guys to serve every players at this thing. You can buy the fast and safe 1Password Accounts from our store. We always ensure the delivery time happened in 15mins and your account security would be guaranteed for sure due to we traded you with manual 1Password Accounts resources. After place an order, you can contact our Live chat support service if you get any other question.
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